Looking sex london

Posted by / 12-Apr-2020 00:21

There was a time when in Google you could pay for an advert and this would take you on the first page but it was costing a lot and of course it raises the prices of the escorts.At these times we were giving most of our profits for these Google adverts and it was impossible to have the price that we are offering you now - £99 per hour.

We haven't ever stopped working and providing you the best, sexiest, sweetest and most beautiful London escorts.With the cheap price of just £99 per hour you overpass all this and go straight to what you really want to do with one of our London escorts.There was a time when to be on first page of Google with the keywords London escorts was incredible easy for some agencies. There was a time when you just needed some spammy links and other simple hacks and you would be there.There might be few adverts but they are charging by the minute just to call them and I personally think that this is a scam.They just need you to call and to keep you on the line for few minutes to make their profit, they are not interested in sending you any girl at all.

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But came a time when Google become much more complicated and all the hackers were thrown away from the first page and then we became more popular with our London escorts.