Love approach dating

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Love approach dating

Take, for example, the fact that some scientists compare love to addiction–when someone becomes addicted to cocaine or heroine, they experience pleasure from the release of chemicals in the brain.When the source is removed, the brain experiences withdrawal, hence the feeling of pain when it’s no longer releasing those hormones that create the sense of euphoria.When we fall in love, our brain starts to bond with the subject that we find chemically pleasing.The release of hormones in our body can create a variety of feelings, from euphoria, to pleasure, to bonding.

This means that love does actually hurt in a similar fashion to how we experience physical pain when we, say, break a bone or hit our shin against furniture.But, the two are different in the sense that, while a bruise or physical pain might disappear in time, the feeling of a loss of love can linger, which is why it can hurt even after a lot of time has passed. We often hear this condition referred to as “broken heart syndrome” and we’ve read about what seemed like coincidental cases or have watched dramatic episodes on television where a patient dies from a broken heart.But, medically speaking, the problem is known as “stress cardiomyopathy” and though it’s a rare heart condition, it’s a lethal one that is caused by acute emotional distress.Its removing that bond, or dependency, your brain has made on the release of those chemicals that causes it to go into withdrawal, hence the feelings of pain when a relationship ends or your lose someone you love.Some researchers have studied why love literally hurts by examining the connections between social and physical pain.

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