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Manado dating

Most middle class people live in town, or live within 5-10 kilometres of the town of Manado.Poorer people live around the river that divides the town in two.

The rest of the expatriate community, working in different sectors as well as a number of retired expatriates who are married to Indonesian women.More important to the locals is that coconut oil, rice, fish and chili peppers are not expensive, but are easy to find and buy.As soon as a little money is in the pocket of most Manadonese, you can be sure that the money will run out in one day.There are two cinemas, one being in Mantos and the second at the entrance of Kampung Cina, no theatres and no concert hall.Most of the activities are organised by churches, so it is quite common to attend a Gospel service on Sunday mornings.

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Manado is predominantly Christian, with Protestant being the majority and a sizeable number of Catholic, Adventist, Pentecostals, and other Christian denominations. Not in the western way of thinking, even far from the standards of Jakarta, but still well to do.

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