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Marriedcouplesdating com

Trust me, nothing will get rid of that obnoxious coworker faster than saying, “Wow – that story about how your dog can belch the alphabet reminds me of something that happened at last night’s opera performance.It’s kind of a long story; perhaps I should start at the beginning…” There is a reason that the “classical” operas and ballets are classics; they’re very good and worthy of being performed over and over.I would recommend against bringing any of the following: young children who either cannot sit still or who will not understand that the woman on stage did not just really kill herself, people who fall asleep when they sit in the dark and then begin to snore, people who cannot survive for ten minutes without checking their mobile phones, and people with bladder issues unless they have an aisle seat.

Also, the cheapest seats often tend to be taken up by students, so people will assume that you’re an actual fan rather than someone who is just attending to see and be seen!So you’ve been reading all of the List Universe lists and have decided that you too would like to attend an opera or ballet.The trouble is you have never been to one, and are a bit intimidated. As always, List Universe is here to the rescue and with just a few quick tips you too can behave in a pretentious, snooty fashion and impress and/or annoy friends and family.If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can attend one of the more abstract ballets.You can also sometimes find ballets choreographed to a certain type of music, or a certain songwriter.

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It’s also nice to sit towards the center of the theater; it’s pointless being five rows from the stage if you’re in the end seat on the right and you can’t see half of the performance.