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Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

The arrows show the principle of solution finding according to TRIZ method and the transformational formulating one problem or solution towards another problem.Instead of searching for actual solutions for specific problems, TRIZ proposes getting closer to problems solving at an abstract level.TRIZ - is the method enabling stimulation of creative problem solving by way of using the developed knowledge bases, similar system functioning and contradictions removal.The system of education is one of the most complex social systems, burdened with multiple contradictions.TRIZ integrated solutions should inspire, engage and motivate the usage of technological methods in resolving problems in education.Through its innovative modules, the TRIZ method looks for solutions by presenting the next generation of contemporary practice’s "products", with the objective of broadening limits and raising standards in the sector of education.

Being creative, the TRIZ method has for a long time been an important part of the education technology program at specialized departments of high vocational schools and faculties in the course of studying.

The TRIZ method in the field of Education there are 3 types of identifies contradictions: By resolving the organizational contradictions, we reach the situation to have to resolve anew the physical or technical contradictions.

The TRIZ method proposes to avoid the exhaustion methods: - by using the contradiction matrixes in resolving the problem of technical contradictions, as well as by changes in the system, in resolving physical contradictions.

In analyzing the complex picture and details of an event, TRIZ can have the multiple purposes to check creativity in the educational process and to check creative models.

The basis of this method is founded on the following: On the basis of the above stated, various solution structures are made in the process of planning and realizing the educational cycle, so that they need to be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

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