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Unlike the bow or spear, the sword is a purely military weapon, and this has made it symbolic of warfare or naked state power in many cultures. The javelin is a light spear designed primarily for casting as a ranged weapon.The names given to many swords in mythology, literature, and history reflect the high prestige of the weapon. The javelin is almost always thrown by hand (unlike the arrow and slingshot which are projectiles shot from a mechanism). There is some literary and archaeological evidence that the Norse were familiar with and used the javelin for hunting and warfare, but they commonly used a spear designed for both throwing and thrusting.A bow is a weapon that projects arrows powered by its elasticity . As the bow is drawn, energy is stored as potential energy in the limbs of the bow and transformed into kinetic energy as the string is released, the string transferring this energy to the arrow A longbow is a type of bow that is tall (roughly equal to the height of the person who uses it).This allows its user a fairly long draw, at least to the jaw.

The Almogavars were a class of Aragonese infantrymen armed with a short sword, a shield and two heavy javelins, known as assegai.

The inscription gives it as cannon number 300 1333 Edward III orders gunpowder from a York apothecary 1333 Cannon used at the siege of Berwick 1334 Cannon used in Merrburg, near Freiburg, Germany 1338 French documents list the purchase of iron arrows and sulphur 1338 Gunpowder is being stored in the Tower of London 1338 September 21 French with Genoese crossbowmen capture The Christopherwhich was armed with 3 guns of iron. 1338 October 4 French raiders attack Southampton, French used pot-defer, firing bolts with iron feathers.

1339 Peter Van Vullaere described as 'Maitre de rebaudequins', took service with the English at Bruges 1339 October 8 Cambrai accounts list the production of 5 iron and 5 metal cannon 1339 French use 'pot de fer' in Perigod and Cambrai against the English 1340 French use 'pot de fer' at Quesnoy 1340 Ribaudequins used at siege of Tournai 1340 Italian painting shows hand guns 1340 June 24 Edward III may have used cannon at the battle of Sluy 1341 Stirling Castle has guns for its defence 1341 Document from Lucca lists cannon 1342 Florentine inventory lists canon to fire iron balls the size of apples 1342 Spanish Muslims used cannon which fired metal balls against Castilian army at Siege of Algeciras (Earl of Derby and Salisbury were present at the siege) 1343 Spanish muslims used gunpowder against Alfonso XI of Castile 1344 The household of Edward III includes 'artillers and gonners' 1345 February 1, Pipe Rolls of Edward III list 'gunnis cum saggitis et pellotis' (guns with arrows and pellots) 1345 Earl of Derby uses canon at the siege of Monsegur 1345 Toulose record of 2 cannon 1345 Tower of London has 100 cannon 1345 French had 24 cannon made at Cahors for the siege of Aiguillon 1346 2 tons of gunpowder made at the Tower of London 1346 March 1 Pipe Rolls of Edward III list 'gunnis cum pelotes et pulvere pro eisden gunnis' 1346 May 10 Edward III inventory lists 10 guns or stocks or beds, 6 pieces of lead, 5 barrels of powder, 100 large pellots 1346 26 August Cannon used by the English at the battle of Crecy 1346 September Peter of Bruges makes a cannon used vat Tournay with a 2lb lead shot 1346 20 Cannon used at the siege of Calais 1347 Bioule record of 22 cannon 1349 Agen, record of canon throwing lead balls 1350 Lille record of arrows for cannon, Saltpetre and Sulphur 1350 Petrarch describes cannon as being in common use 1351 Chinese handgun found from this date 1353 William a brazier of Aldgate, London, casts 4 copper cannon for Edward III 1356 The accounts of Laon list cannon that fired arrows with oaken shafts 1365 Edward III installs 2 great and 9 small cannon at Queenborough 1369 Froissart records handguns used by trrops under the command of Sir John Chandos 1369 document from Pisa refers to Bombards 1370 Gun foundry reference to Augsburg 1371 Dover has 9 cannon Calais has 15 cannon 1371 First Cannon cast at Basel, Switzerland 1373-5 Accounts for the stocking of guns at the tower of London 1375 French use 32 cannon and fire 100 pound stone balls during siege at Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte 1376 Venice had a gun foundry 1377 Tower of London inventory lists 22 cannon 1377 St Gallen Switzerland had 11 cannon 1378 Venetian ships are bombarded by canon from Kotor 1380 Southampton converts some of its arrow slits to gun ports in the town wall towers 1382 cannon used by militia of Bruges, Ghent in the battle of Beverhoudsveld 1382 The bombarde Dulle Griete at Ghent had a 25 inch calibre and fired a 700 pound granite ball 1385 Castillians had 16 light cannon at the battle of Aljubarrota 1386 Battle of Sempach, Swiss use hand guns 1389 Battle of Kosovo, Ottoman Turks use cannon 1399 Richard II takes 8 guns to Ireland 1400 Konrad Kyeser illustrates a handgunner in The Loshult cannon was found in Loshult, Skåne, Sweden, and is now now in the Statens Historika Museum.

It is thought that gunpowder was invented in China and found its way to Europe in the 13th Century.

In the mid to late 13th Century gunpowder began to be used in cannons and handguns, and by the mid 14th Century they were in common use.

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