Michigan state university singles dating

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Meanwhile, Hofstra has the most frequent use of ‘low-quality’ messages at 9.7%.Michigan State achieved the highest response rate, responding to 73% of messages, however students from the University of Florida respond only 25% of the time, earning the Gators the lowest response rate.And one of the weirdest ones is Dank Memes Singles.

The University of Miami students topped the list, receiving the highest like-rate at 56%, while Harvard University’s students are last on the list with the lowest like-rate of 28%.

The Grade also analyzed students’ behavior in several other categories including message quality and response rates.

Ohio State ranks highest in message quality, indicating a high level of articulate students, with only 1.2% of their students’ messages containing ‘low-quality’ content.

For example, 45% of users from Hofstra have a grade of A- or higher, which is top on the list.

Messages That Are Low Quality: This is the % of messages that our algorithm identifies as low quality.

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The Grade is excited to announce The University of Miami as the college with the most desirable singles, with users from the college achieving a 56% like-rate on The Grade.