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Currently, the Briard is used in search and rescue missions and also as emotional support dogs for those that suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.This large fluff may appear to be a big teddy bear, but don’t mistake its prowess and courage. The Bouvier des Flandres is used as K-9 police officers and will quickly become fierce with a loud growl that can be very intimidating!This dog breed may scream “hunting companion” rather than “K9 Unit” but, they would make wonderful working dogs regardless of the job.The Bloodhound has long floppy ears and a long innocent looking face.However, there is immense power behind those cuddly features!

This breed is the most common dog that is in shelters and because of the stereotypical labeling of this breed as being aggressive, efforts to rescue these dogs are at an all-time high.However, they would make excellent Police Force dogs as well.The two types of Boxers that would best serve the Police Force are the Schutzhund Boxer as well as the Deutscher Boxer.They are not a large dog breed, but their appearance should not fool you!They are active, loyal, friendly, and diligent canines that would serve the Police Force well.

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This breed is used to track and apprehend criminals as well as sniffing out drugs and bombs in airports. This dog breed has been around since the early 1800’s making them one of the oldest dog breeds on this list.