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Net dating romania

For others it was a place to chat and meet people from your neighborhood.

Friends here told me about their first dates they had with neighbors met on the intra-net’s chat.

10 years ago internet was local, making it a natural Tinder.

This organic infrastructure providing a way better quality of services than in many european countries back then, providers had to come up with something really good in order to get customers.

Whereas here, I know how it feels to be let down by a server, that’s not an option.

Internet was connecting Romanian homes at a maximum speed of 128kbit/second, while most of them were still suffering of the terrible dial-up connections noise, haunting many of us still today.

That’s the difference of working with many server companies that put you in contact with a random sales-person.

Salesmen don’t care if everything doesn’t go perfectly smooth.

The beauty of meeting and relating on JWMatch is that you can do this in a safe, anonymous and fun environment.

What I didn’t know back then, is that not only he was “good with computers”, he especially knows his sh*t when it comes to servers. A few days later thanks to his advice, everything was set and I had learned something new.

The most remarkable fact, was how passionate he was about it, aware of every little detail going on from the data-centers to the final user.

Which is ironic: they would trust any foreigner way more than the guy next door. One guy would take the best subscription, install a switch to start distributing the network to other people and finally, go from door to door to find subscribers.

Anyway, here the DIY-spirit and the economic motivations became stronger than the culture of distrust. For each new subscriber, a UTP-ethernet cable would be plugged from their apartment to the apartment hosting the switch.

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The providers would go to the one-guy of the bloc to buy his network, using it first hand to acquire their customers. Today quite ironically, precisely while I’m writing this article, my new internet provider is installing a 500mb/s connection in my apartment. One of the good reasons for foreign web entrepreneurs to settle their new basecamp here.