Nfusion epg not updating Guntur sex com

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jmo Now you need to setup to got Antenna setup and setup one satellite at a time..

they just work better if you do not get in a hurry and take shortcuts...

It is the only ch that does not require a p$ to work. txsgent Anything I discuss on the subject of satellites, is strictly, hypothetical and in theory, and on an educational basis. If your having issues you can just do a factory default & go back to the 498 or 503 factory with the 174 s/w. please let me know what are the settings from the menu. You do not need or should be using a dp33 with that lnb as it has a built in switch.

If you unplug from the wall & remove the top cover you can esilly see if you have a large heat sink on the installed module. Tune to ch 9421 that is a HD ch on sat 110 TP 12399 if you can scan it in or it comes in you have the module. I have never seen a brand new receiver that shows those 2 sats with just a factory file installed out of the box..... You do need to make sure the sat settings are correct for your system. I know some users that are still using 168 & one really lazy user is still on 137 - lol May i know the settings for my box. one linkbox 8000 hd local, one dp33 switch, and a dish 500 sat, with 110 and 119. Do you have 2 single or 1 double lnb wich is 2 singles in 1 housing? If you have a double (2 in 1 housing) it is called a twin.

you should a message on the screen about hidden something..arrow to the right if you are at the top ..

highlite and hit ok on the remote enter the P$ info...

I am new to this and have no idea s to what i am doing. I ask because to install & align you should have Q readings above 75 preferably in the 90's & a lock banner for the sat on line 1. Most use 119/110/129 as the bulk of HD chs are on 129 but you could add another lnb or dish for 129 later.

Do you have any experience or is this your first unit.

We all started as newbies so that is nothing to be ashamed about. One last question- with the unit hooked to your tv go to menu/tools/information & post the version is shows that's on it- thanks. t=113014 We will be more than glad to assist you in your endeavors.. This is the simple short version..Here is the first thing I would do...

Some dealers include or install them others do not. If you find your S&Q is very low (usually under 50) you probably only have the factory module. Please ask me the apporpiate questions to get this issue resolved. The 512/184 combo has some issues & is supposed to be used with the 403 back up file which has a ch list included.

Receivers do not come from the factory with LS400/500 installed. It was working perfectly fine until i installed the ls 500 module to my linkbox 8000 hd local.

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Here is a thread in the newbie area that may clear a few things up for you. I would go to information and see what you have there for factory file....