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As to the second part of my task I am happy to say that it is already far advanced. The imipcent was sup posed to be killed for the guilty ; but this belief never became -general. that human sacrifice was once part of the Brahmanical system. 13) has a well-known story the story of Hariscandra and Sunahsepa which points to its prevalence.

In 1875 I published the first edition of Indian Wis dom 1 ; and it may be well to point out that, as the present volume deals with the principal phases of the Hindu religion, so the object of the former work was to o-ive a trustworthy general idea of the character and contents of the sacred literature on which that religion is founded. They consist of a series of rambling prose compo sitions, the oldest of which may have been written seven eight centuries B. Their relationship to the Vedic hymns resembles in some respects that of the book of Leviticus to the Psalms in our own sacred Scriptures.

To these words spoken by me (nearly in the form given above) soon after my return from my second Indian journey I adhere in every particular. Itjwas even believed _ that the gods^ themsglyes had attained theirjcjelestial_position_ irfommg sacrifices.

Let it not be supposed, however, that my sympathy with the natives of our great Dependency has led me to gloss over what is false, impure, and utterly deplor- in their religious systems. ^ ^sacrifices, says the Taittiriya- qbtained heaven/^ The most preposterous of all the ideas connected with the } M -psacrificial act was that of making it the first act of creation T|/^T In the Purusha hymn of the Rig-veda (X.

My travels embraced Bombay, Allahabad, Calcutta, Darjiling, Parasnath, Mirzapore, Patna, Gaya, Benares, Agra, Bulandshahr, Delhi, Jeypore (Jaypur), Ajmere, Abu, Ahmedabad, and Baroda, but my object was not so much to verify what I had already written, as to collect information for the part of my work still unfinished. The following free translation of a passage of the Sata- patha-brahmana is from Indian Wisdom, p.

In all the places I have named I met intelligent Pandits, many of whom discussed questions with me in Sanskrit. Three principal stages or phases of the Hindu religion. 34 : The gods lived constantly in dread of Death The mighty Ender so with toilsome rites They worshipped and repeated sacrifices Till they became immortal.

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