Non religious guy dating catholic girl

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Q: An unbaptized person can’t receive any of the other sacraments unless he gets baptized first, right?So how is it possible for a Catholic to marry a non-Christian in a Catholic ceremony?A key complicating factor in the equation is the Catholic Church’s understanding that marriage is not only for Catholics, or only for baptized people.Strictly speaking, every person has a natural right to marry.

For starters, it’s absolutely true that you can’t receive any of the other sacraments unless you’ve been baptized first.

If they are sincerely doing what their own faith tells them they need to do, then they can hardly be faulted in any way by the Church.

Obviously, the Catholic Church wishes that ultimately all people would embrace the Catholic faith and be united together—as Christ Himself prayed “that they may all be one” (John ).

The non-Christian could go through all the external motions, so that the average onlooker might reasonably conclude that he received the sacrament; but in reality, nothing sacramental would take place.

In other words, the sacrament would be conferred on the non-Christian invalidly.

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It is impossible (according to Catholic teaching) that the sacrament can be conferred “halfway,” on one spouse but not on the other!

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