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Most of them will recur within 5 years, but they can recur 10 or more years after they were oroginally removed.

Because of this is is extremely important to routinely follow-up with your dentist or oral surgeon so that they can take x-rays to ensure that it has not recurred.

My goal is to write so that people can easily understand even these complex topics.

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Another thing that affects the likelihood of recurrence is whether or not the cyst is removed in one whole piece.

If the cyst can be removed in one piece, with the lining of the cyst in tact, there is a much lower chance of recurrence.

Odontogenic keratocysts grow inside your jaw bone, so you can’t see them.

They usually don’t cause your jaw to expand, they simply eat away at your bone.

Another source says that 60% of all cases are diagnosed in people between the ages of 10-40.An odontogenic keratocyst is a benign tumor of the jaw (that’s why the new name, makes sense.) It is associated with an unerupted tooth about one-third of the time.One of the reasons dentists recommend extracting wisdom teeth is that they can stay in the jaw and make it more likely that you’ll get problems such as an odontogenic keratocyst.On the other hand, if your surgeon has to remove the odontogenic keratocyst in several pieces, it is more likely to recur.This article was on a more technical subject in dentistry.

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People of almost any age can get an odontogenic keratocyst.

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