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Oldie dating

The grand irony is that, unlike the other categories of “No,” older is something we’ll all get to experience eventually, if we’re lucky enough to live that long.

And as someone who has lived long enough to hear the gay death knell toll on my 40th birthday, I can confirm that youth is frighteningly fleeting; the gay death knell tolls for you much sooner than you think.

In the 1950s, archaeologists unearthed a cuneiform tablet from an ancient palace in northern Syria.

Dating to 1400 BC, it contained lyrics for a hymn to Nikkal, a Semitic goddess of orchards, as well as instructions for a singer accompanied by a nine-stringed lyre.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the rejection of older men on Grindr has nothing to do with numbers. After all, have you seen Ryan Reynolds, 40, Ryan Phillippe, 42, Mahershala Ali, 42, Will Smith, 48, or Viggo Mortenson, 57, lately?

As mother nature insists on ignoring our shameless pleas for endless summer nights and beach-filled days, we wanted to help get you in the mood for the crispness of fall with a playlist of stellar oldies. But, despite the higher likelihood of having to deliver an awkward rejection in a bar or club, no one walks around in public wearing signs that say “No Asians” or “No oldies.”Has the gay community been so overtaken by the “mean girls” mentality in the internet age that we can’t just ignore messages from people we don’t find attractive?Is it absolutely necessary to make pre-emptive strikes so that they won’t clutter our precious inboxes with yet another “Hi”?As you wave goodbye to the blissful dog days that were, feast your ears on these groovy digs to help guide you through what is hopefully a warm and delicious spiced fall season. Al is haunted by a tune on the radio he can hum but not name, and he gets no help from Peggy or the D'Arcy's.

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Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, late the previous month.

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