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Online dating lab

Experiences of feeling misled, used and disappointed are a turn-off.

We used to fear being sold a lemon when we were buying a car.

We like to think we do because of the photos, the info we gather, plus the chatting before meeting up, but we don’t.

been possible to have “amazing” dates and never hear from them again.

It doesn’t mean we’re ‘fully informed,’ but we’re certainly more armed.

Despite this, we still don’t know a great deal more about our compatibility with someone than we did pre-internet.

One of the reasons online dating is so popular is that depending on which site or app you use, daters can gather information up front about the suitability and attractiveness of a prospective partner.

On the flip side though, many people find dating challenging due to feeling as if they can’t trust the information in profiles.

There’s no longer, as the economist George Akerlof showed in his study of how the used-car market used to work, an asymmetry in available information.

as if we get to know people a little before we engage with them in real life.

We believe that our attraction to specific profiles or our isolation of particular traits and lifestyle signals that seem like ‘commitment indicators’, will save us from spending time on somebody who isn’t a good fit.

This website describes our services and provides methodological and source information that supplements and supports our contract investigations and research interests.

THE X-RAYS ARE ON AND THE LAB IS OPEN: Craig has retired and the lab is open under a new laboratory director and owner, Alex Nyers.

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There’s no verification; there are no benchmark test results for their levels of honesty, integrity, emotional availability, etc.

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