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But what if the preservation was so perfect and flawless that the dead appeared to be completely alive and scare the creeps out of you.Watch out, 'cause you're in for a truly macabre experience.Humans have always has this morbid fascination with death and the dead.Thus, they've always deemed to preserve their dead all through different ages and thousands of years.Her hair is complete and there is Type-A blood in her veins!The condition of the body is such that an autopsy was performed.

So well preserved was this Pre-Iron Age corpse that he fooled his discovers into thinking he was a present day murder victim.

In a time when Soviet anti theistic authorities policed the Russian State, the findings were not announced until 2002.

Would you believe this peaceful, careworn face is that of a 2,000-year-old bog body?

Unlike Lenin, her internal organs are perfectly intact, including her brain.

Unlike Evita, her tissues are still soft to the touch and her limbs are bendable.

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This horrifyingly alive looking man is Vladimir Lenin - the father of Russian Communism and the first leader of the Soviet Union.