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This page contains the following recommendations, which are applicable to all Relativity roles.Ensure that you have the latest Microsoft Windows Server and .By default, Windows Server 2008 puts the paging file on the boot partition where the operating system is installed and creates a default size of the paging file that is 1.5 times the physical RAM, up to a maximum of 4095 MB.Manually setting the size of the paging file typically provides better performance than allowing the server to size it automatically or having no paging file at all.

Balanced is set by default, which is what Microsoft recommends for general use.There can be many processes, each one having its own 2 GB of private virtual address space.When the memory that is in use by all the existing processes exceeds the amount of available RAM, the operating system moves pages (4 KB pieces) of one or more virtual address spaces to the hard disk, freeing that RAM frame for other uses.Please work with your storage vendor to see if they recommend installing a defragmenting tool.If the Relativity roles are not virtualized, there will likely be a mirrored array housing the OS and required Relativity components (unless you’re also booting from the storage device).

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