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Percentage of success with online dating

The development of CR as a political method in its own right is widely attributed to the New York-based radical feminist collective "Redstockings" (Echols, 1989).CR is also closely tied with radical feminism, which aims to weed out discrimination and segregation based on sex, and through a grassroots movement like socialist feminism, maintains that women's oppression is not a by-product of capitalist oppression but a "primary cause" (Koedt, 1968).They relied on CR (consciousness raising) groups to build their movement.

Once the functionalist movement came about in the United States, academic psychology's study of sex difference and a prototypic psychology of woman were developed.

In 1942 Edward Strecker made "mom-ism" an official pathological syndrome under the APA.

He believed that the country was under threat because mothers weren't emotionally disconnecting from their children at a young enough age, and the matriarchy was making young men weak and losing their "man power".

Psychology of women is feminist because it says women are different from men and that women's behavior cannot be understood outside of context.

Feminists in turn compelled psychoanalysts to consider the implications of one of Freud's own, most uncompromising propositions: "that human beings consist of men and women and that this distinction is the most significant one that exists" (Buhl, 1998).

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The workforce does consider semi-retired psychologists as well; however, women still overtake men when comparing active psychologists, and have less percentage than men for semi-retired and retired psychologists (APA, 2013).

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