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and with them, the opportunity to help each other face them.When I see poly couples try to shield each other from challenges so much that no growth is happening, that's usually a relationship where the "poly" part is faltering or failing.Sure, polyamory comes with the added stress of multiple relationships but monogamy is straight up fighting against our natural instincts so… But let me take a step back for a second and do a little term-defining.Monogamy is what most of you are probably doing if you’re in a relationship or have done in past relationships if you’re not currently partnered.OK, I'll just put it out there: Being monogamous is hard.

It's important to be as honest and respectful as you can with your partner, no matter how difficult it might be, or if you're afraid that the honesty will hurt him/her. Too many monogamous people are afraid to talk about their desires because they are afraid their partner will think they are cheating! This really helps to clear up any kinds of miscommunications.

Monogamy is starting to look a little less simple every second.

I reached out to a couple of polyamorous communities (including Polly’s, which is mainly based around her sex positive organization Mission Control) to see what lessons they think monogamous people could learn from polyamorous people in order to make relationshipping just a little bit easier.

It is, essentially, what our culture bases our conception of romantic love on.

Polyamory, however, is an alternative romantic structure that has been practiced by plenty of people, mostly in private, for probably millennia.

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