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Prison dating website

“Norman Stanley Fletcher, you have pleaded guilty to the charges brought by this court…” The opening words of classic sitcom Porridge, of course, as Ronnie Barker's character “Fletch” enters the classic British nick: a gothic arch over a portcullis-like door, leading into a dour labyrinth of bricks and bars.“These are the archetypal prisons of the public imagination,” says Chris Costelloe, director of the Victorian Society.Karin Beijersbergen of the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, writing in the Crime & Delinquency journal, established the existence of six broad jail-design styles, from the late 19th to the 21st century: panoptical, radial, rectangular, courtyard, high-rise and campus; more or less in that historical order.Her study argued for more openness and, like Lyon, she believes that better staff-prisoner relations are a significant factor in preventing recidivism.

They'd have “resettlement” aspects built in, wider community and share sites [eg, courts] with other parts of the criminal justice system,“ said the report, and the Government's heritage body Historic England isn't, says a spokeswoman, ”opposed to the sale and re-use of historic prison buildings, provided that any new development is done sensitively to the distinctive character and history of the buildings“.“But it's enshrined in English law that courts punish and prisons rehabilitate.Designers need to look at the purpose of prison, and the idea that you can simply 'warehouse' people is wrong.” So, where are the good new prisons?“It symbiotically merges the program of incarceration and education,” writes Santayana.“The prison is for non-violent drug offenders, the school of criminology and criminal justice, where inmate-student interaction is facilitated and encouraged.” Again, the idea is to promote rehabilitation and, as Santayana puts it, “the creation of new productive members of society”.

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Leoben Prison by Josef Hohensinn near Graz, Austria, built in 2004, is another set-piece that looks like an car manufacturer's hi-tech HQ, has a deliberately de-stressing acoustics and prisoners are allowed to wear their own clothes.

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