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) Are you already using some of these tools to connect with the people you care about?

Did we miss an awesome tool, service, app or website that you frequently like to use?

This is a list of over 130 things to do together online: websites, applications, browsers, smartphone/tablet apps and more that will allow you to do things with the people you care about online as if they were right next to you.

Many of these tools implement the use of webcams, text chat, voice chat, screen sharing and even live mouse tracking so that you can really feel connected to the people you care about. Keep scrolling or click the quick buttons below to view all of the available tools!

Do your friends, family or significant other live far away from you?

More importantly; would you like to be able to do things with those special people despite being so far away from them?

Even more, the technology has a lot more to be desired – users have complained about not being able to connect with people that are nearby.

Using the services below means that it will take no time at all to grab a show, invite a friend and spend some quality time together no matter where you are. If you and your friend, family member or sweetheart are into singing and dancing and having a generally good time together, you’ll love the websites below!Distance doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same online!These classes can be taken together, with other people or alone (and are pretty darn creative if you ask us! Napster first used peer-to-peer technology to allow users to share music files.Users of Fire Chat realized this and took advantage of their anonymous blueprint.

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