Ps3 restarting when updating game instant dating writer

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Ps3 restarting when updating game

Got home, downloaded 2.08.00 full and updated to 2.08.06, installed bdemu for 3.55, opened up Multi Man, decided to try Heavy Rain (which worked before), fixed permissions just in case, got out to XMB, started the game and it's now stuck at the little white flashing origami figure just like yesterday.

Hey Cookie Monster, been racking my brains and surfing the net, finally found the solution as I had the same issue.

My 1.08 version of Injustice won't install on my PS3. There's plenty of memory and it wouldn't install after the latest system update which it made me do before I could do the injustice one.

Every time I host on minecraft i will get maybe a half hour out of it if even that and then one of the following things will happen: Players will stop moving and as soon as i hold select game would freeze, so will the whole ps3, then i turn it off and it beeps three times are restarts...

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