Python validating xml parser

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Python validating xml parser

A structure is a model for a particular set of data.

This uses a proprietary format that has very similar modeling capabilities to those found in XML Schemas.

This allows applications (usually data-centric) to manipulate data that has been serialized as XML in a way that is more natural than using the DOM. In particular, XML data binding products support some way to map an XML schema (in the form of a DTD or XML Schema document) to an object schema (or vice versa).

For example, consider the following sales order document: Obviously, a sales order application would find it easier to use Sales Order, Customer, Item, and Part objects rather than Element, Attr, Text, etc. Based on this mapping, the product can then create objects from XML documents ("unmarshalling") or serialize objects as XML ("marshalling").

I have gathered product information from documentation, Web sites, and product reviews and therefore encourage you to use this information as an introduction only.

Developer: Iona URL: tix/data_services/License: Commercial Entry last updated: June, 2004 [Ed. It appears that they repackaged C24 Integration Objects as Artix Data Services.

The input and output presentations define the source and target of the methods used to load and save data.

In addition, applications can use XPath to query the objects, regardless of the input presentation.

This is particularly useful when the input presentation is something other than XML.

Special thanks go to Sean Sullivan, who provided the initial list of links and who continues to provide valuable input, and to Brendan Macmillan, to whose list of links I shamelessly helped myself and who also helped me understand and categorize tools for working with XML and objects.

XML data binding is the binding of XML documents to objects designed especially for the data in those documents.

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