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Questions on dating relationship

Approach these conversations in the right manner, and they’ll shed some light on the relationship and potentially bring you closer together.But approached in the wrong way, they’ll make for one hell of an awkward date.Real love is about laying our life down for the other.In the long run, your love will be sustained not because of what the other person can do for you, but because of how you let God make you more and more into a selfless person. Others have often said to me that having a lot of peace about a decision is a good sign that you’re doing the right thing.We are often told not to settle until we can find a partner who “can lead us.” But we can be tempted to translate that to mean, That’s never going to happen. God has given me certain leadership gifts and he’s given my fiancé certain leadership gifts.Rather than comparing ourselves to each other and stuffing ourselves into the gender role box that culture has set up for us, we have instead looked at our unique strengths and challenged and encouraged each other through them.One of the things I realized along the way was that there were some questions that had been engrained in me to subconsciously ask that are not actually helpful at all. Before I met my fiancé, I wrote in my journal a list of dreams for my future husband.

If sex is on the table or has already entered the relationship, that’s a good point to have the talk.

But in my experience, that peace has never come for me fully until long after the decision has been made.

William Bridges, in his book , talks about how even when really great things happen in life (marriage, new job, etc.), the real joy doesn’t come until you go through a process of death from your old season of life and a journey of disorientation as you embrace the new beginning. But when you’re in the middle of realizing that you may not see exactly eye-to-eye on everything, it can feel scary.

How: The best way to do this is to position the question as a request, rather than an ultimatum.

It can be scary to be confronted with When you ask the question, be prepared that there’s a chance you might not receive the answer you want.

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If one of you is happy to keep playing the field but the other only has eyes for one person, someone is going to get hurt.