Questions to ask a church when candidating

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Questions to ask a church when candidating

You won’t get a better opportunity to teach them about the nature of the gospel, what the church is, and what it really means to follow Jesus.

In this section, we review the process of candidating.

By joining, I don't mean just going to a regular meeting once or twice a week.

I don't even mean simply getting your name on the membership roll.

It is important to remember that this process is a two-way street.

What better chance to disillusion them of the notion that they are consumers and that church is all about them!If the gospel is simply the message by which I'm saved from sin and hell, then you may find there are a lot of churches that enable you to tick that box.the Christian life, then the gospel changes everything.So when you're looking for a church, make sure this expansive vision of what it means to be the people of God energizes and shapes both the structures and activities of the particular expression of church you're considering. In saving you, the gospel incorporates you into God's people and enlists you into God's mission.To disassociate yourself from, or only loosely affiliate yourself to, the people of God is a denial of the gospel.

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Church is the people of God, as they perpetually gather and scatter, for the purpose of making Christ known through their corporate witness of both word and life.

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