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So if you’re not the best looking man around, let’s talk a little about how one goes about building attraction over time.

In evo-psych circles, a lot is made out of one’s “mating value” : that is, the aspects of attraction which are intrinsically based on certain favorable traits.

has been home to only one LGBT series regular character. He also appeared in seasons two, three, 13, 14 and 15.

Wong was the show's only out LGBT character when he portrayed George Huang as a series regular from seasons four through 12.

Tatum, no matter how good he looks shirtless and buttered up like an ear of corn…Except, as it turns out, there’s actually an answer. Not only do visual signs of health – clear skin, facial symmetry, etc.– stir certain instincts in us all but attractive people also benefit from the halo effect.Because they’re good looking, they’re seen as being more trustworthy, kinder and smarter – all very attractive traits to have.And by virtue of being more attractive, they tend to have more attractive girlfriends and wives – after all, people tend to date other people at their “level” of attractiveness, no?

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Some, like financial success or social status, help ensure that any child will be raised successfully to adulthood.