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Roatan dating

Without an outside thing to hate, we always seem to try to separate so we can hate each other.

A lot of crazy things happening right now, but I'd never want MY President to fail, bc that effects me negatively. A lot of money is being thrown around for some ridiculous stuff right now.

Take for example the current situation with his executive order to stop immigration from Muslim countries.

He was told by the attorney general that it is not legal and so Trump fired her.

I cannot afford to go spend weeks at a time protesting, I have bills to pay.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but for someone who is so Anti-socialist, with all hugely Anti-socialist supporters, he sure is allocating a lot of socialist funding for these jobs and projects. Well I think the protesting is because alot of people see that what makes Trump a good business man does not translate to a good prez.

If the AG followed his orders and it actually is illegal then what's the point of having an AG? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk I like that I am pretty middle of the road and get to see that when 1 President starts signing executive orders he's a dictator, when another one does it, they are a hero.

If the entire party does not like what's happening, the BEST thing they can do with the next 4 years is find an absolute Candidate. Infrastructure Trade Deals (That don't include us getting double taxed) Education Healthcare Pharmaceutical issues Insurance issues etc etc etc Wrong first blood it is purely within his scope to pause incoming people to this country.

She is an Obama holdover and was getting canned anyway so she did the only thing she could which was take a shot at the President.

There have been many Presidents exercise travel bans on immigrants starting with George Washington.

As a citizen who cares about this country this type of behavior should scare the shit out of you. What she was doing was critical to her position as AG. at least not until we look deeper into it they shouldn't be fired. And since there was no cause then how can she be fired? Btw..resembles alot of what happened to Nixon that lead to them trying to impeach him. Ithe doesn't matter if he brings a few jobs to the country.

The AG tasked an oath to uphold the constitution...does the Prez. The AG prime function is make sure the law is upheld. The prez job is to uphold the constitution and by firing her is the opposite. In the end he doesn't behave as if the law means anything.

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Well I think the protesting is because alot of people see that what makes Trump a good business man does not translate to a good prez.

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