Selena gomez dating a jonas brother

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Selena gomez dating a jonas brother

"I was as surprised as everyone else when I woke up and saw her Instagram," he said. And the strength she's shown through all that's amazing and inspiring. I'm happy to see that she's doing well, it seems, and that she was able to get the surgery.

And her friend helping her was a beautiful thing, so it's all amazing."As for Swift and the elder Jonas, although they have yet to be as publicly friendly as Nick and Gomez, they did once go on an intimate river cruise in London together when Joe was dating Gigi Hadid and Swift was with Calvin Harris back in 2015.

Neither of them is dating any member of the Jonas family now, but Selena made sure to remind us that chapter is closed and everyone is on good terms. We were young, you know, it’s a different time.” I know Taylor wrote "Forever and Always" about Joe's breakup faux pas, but don't worry—her only bad blood rn seems to be with Kimye. Not only am I nostalgic for the time when the Jonas Brothers were still together and making music, but I'm also glad Selena and Tay found each other.

Talking to band members after their shows is a hobby, along with thrifting & indulging in all aspects of pop culture.

After college, she plans to spend more time at concerts, getting paid to write about music and bands.

won Oscars, the American economy hit record lows, and Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were each dating a Jonas brother (Nick and Joe, respectively).

And though neither relationship made it to 2009, Gomez and Swift's friendship stood the test of time and has become, according to Gomez, the "best thing" either of them got out of their short-lived, late-aughts love stories."We actually dated the Jonas brothers together!

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