Sex dating in fort myers florida

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A Four in Your Corner investigation revealed the park is listed online as a hookup spot for men looking for sex.

The site gave the park four stars and told visitors to back in the parking lot and make eye contact with a man to signal you're there for some action.

"Lots and lots of kids, puppies, families grilling out and having fun," Lauren Freitag said. Jaycee Park is listed on a site for cruising, which means searching in public places for sexual partners. People do what they're going to do, but it shouldn't be in a public place like a family park," Vanwagoner said. I can't believe that they would do that, at this park especially," Freitag said.

The gave Jaycee Park one out of five stars, but implied the restrooms and pavilions as places to have sex. One man said it was a problem at Jaycee Park years ago, but not anymore. It has a playground, but also more hidden areas."I could imagine that because there's the trails and stuff down there.

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The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said they continue to patrol Flatwoods Environmental Park to keep it safe.

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