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Instead of hanging around here making snappy comments, why don't you do something productive and update the lookers website and facebook page?I assume the posted schedule is just carried over every week instead of being accurate. Definetly not a girl you would bring home to Mommy and Daddy! She sure does not have a good reputation now does she! I am assuming that the comments that are written about "Monet" are bcuz it's about time someone does speak the truth about her instead of being in some phony shit!!! Someone needed to tell her about herself or multiple people needed to. She always thought she was better than everyone and everyone wanted to be like her and was jealous lmfao.seems more like a stripper and her friends lying to get more customers. She is NOT a druggy and she is NOT down and out by any means! A fair argument, but not brilliant enough that you had to post it on multiple did.Um, Joey's last girlfriend was only with him due to entrapment. So dude, if you think strip clubs are now irrelevant, go find some other board to bother? Why go to a club when the average girl at a party now acts like a stripper? There was an official notice on the door, something about not having a permit, but I didn't study it too closely.Enough to know that somehow Lookers management has screwed up again.

She was a total jealous freak when it came to a lot of the females that she worked with.She tried to help him and he abused her, almost shot her twice... Lookers advertising in the New Times 2-4-1 dances Friday and Saturday. Could somebody actually be wising up, and trying ways to bring customers back? Why give money for a stripper tease when you can get all that and more on Craig list or backpage or a bunch of internet sites? Her boyfriend, I just spent 0 on Marie and she claimed she didn't have a bf, lmao I must be gullible :).I really could care less, she is gorgeous and does her job well.I can eat a nice ass for hours and I am not living in the past as I do this few times per week and I love what I do.So, are you one of the new staff they mention in the new times ad?

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I'll be honest, may be helpful to other customers also. The three bad dances, however, had one thing in common.