Some good advice for teenager during dating

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Some good advice for teenager during dating

I realized that I didn't want to keep this up for 3 more years.

Since we broke up, I have grown incredibly close with my friends again.

I always wondered how she was able to manage it all.

So, I decided to see what the party life was like for myself.

Rachel Easton Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Age: 21I've been thrown a decent amount of curveballs in my life.

Through it all my mom has always told me that, "emotions are real but not the truth.” When I was a kid, I didn’t get what she was saying.

She would always tell me to make sure I had my affairs in order, that trying to "keep up" was a good way to run into problems.And as I got older, I didn't want to believe her.And even though she patiently and gently reminded me not to let my feelings consume me, I kept on getting beat by my own emotions, cracking under pressure until I had nothing left to live for.A few years ago, I joined an organization and became close friends with one of the members.Although she partied all the time, I was under the impression that she still had her life together.

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