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This post is for Emma from Devon, UK, who reached out to me with her letter and a list of great questions!

Read More Looking at the map of Russia, tourists often wonder which transport to choose for their travel – car, plane or train?

It is fair to say that Russia has struggled to define itself throughout its history, but the 19th century in particular saw a slew of attempts to define what Russia was and could be.

Ever since Peter I’s reign the Russian people had been split between those in favor of Westernization and those who wished to return to pre-Petrine customs.

Two German writers in particular affected the course of Russian self-assessment: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Schelling introduced the concept of a “world soul,” essentially the potential for a creative connection between humanity and the divine.

I would’ve never invented some of those questions (because I am an insider and do not notice a lot of things), but I am always happy to answer them.However, while these and other Romantic-influenced ideologies fell all across the spectrum of political thought, each trusted firmly in the inherent greatness of Russia.As the 19th century progressed, focus shifted from the landowning minority to the laboring majority.As the 18th century dawned, Slavophilia was gaining support, in spite of (or in response to) the progressive reforms of rulers such as Catherine II and Alexander I.Many Russians feared the pollutive effects of Industrialization that they saw in the West and wished to retain a Russian identity apart from the rest of Europe.

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