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The more positively they viewed the potential future relationship played a huge part in how hard they then worked to get the relationship to work.The self fulfilling prediction then came into play and determined how much effort they were willing to put in.How Speed Dating Works: A selected equal number of guys and girls attend a venue like a trendy lounge, café or bar.Every one is given the equivalent of a dating card. The first speed dating event occurred in Beverley Hills in 1998.

Coco Swan has researched the newest dating fashion to sweep the world and gives you all the speed dating tips to increase your chances of getting a tick on your dating card.People make snap judgments and will size up the possibilities of a relationship within minutes of meeting.In fact, researchers at Ohio University, using 164 new students, showed that after just 3 minutes the students could predict what sort of relationship they would have with their fellow students.So if you are going to go, be on time and plan on staying to the end.What to Wear: You are going to be noticed at this event so you need to take some care with your appearance. You should select an outfit that you feels flatters you and that you are comfortable in.

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Ladies, if you are going to be seated for the night do not wear a shirt that gapes when you sit down, or offers him a view down to your navel.