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Squaredating com

With a historic courthouse square dating back to the late 1600’s, Gloucester Main Street is rich in history.During the mid-eighteenth century, Edward Gwynn conveyed a six-acre tract to the people of Gloucester County for building of a new courthouse and prison.There appears to be no mention of the pifferari in the letters Berlioz wrote during his stay in Italy.In the third movement of his symphony Harold in Italy, entitled ‘Serenade of an Abruzzi mountaineer to his mistress’, Berlioz introduced a ritornello which imitates the music-making of the pifferari.On May 7, 1861, the Gloucester Militia fired the first shots of the Civil War in Virginia as the small, armed steamer, attempted to enter the York River.Artillery companies from Richmond provided guns for the fort’s five bastions.He then continues: The only music that struck me in Rome is a form of popular instrumental music which I am rather inclined to think is a survival from antiquity – I mean the pifferari.That is the name they give to wandering musicians who as Christmas approaches come down from the mountains in groups of four or five.

However, the steamboat arrived in 1854, and a regular delivery system for goods and mail was established.

The fortification was abandoned by the Confederates and was in Union control by May, 1862.

Gloucester’s Militia disbanded and many troops joined the Army of Northern Virginia.

From 1800-1900, with a stable county population of between 10,000 and 11,000, there was little growth beyond the number of buildings recorded on late-eighteenth-century plats.

However, the nineteenth century did see a huge shift in plantation sizes, agricultural production and the types of buildings being used and constructed.

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National chains began to replace local businesses along Route 17, new residential developments were built, and the Walter Reed hospital expanded.