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In recent years, a number of researchers have also begun to explore the influence of different explanatory models or causal beliefs regarding the origins and nature of mental illness (Phelan, 2005; Rusch et al., 2010; Schomerus et al., 2012; Schomerus, Matschinger, & Angermeyer, 2013).

With respect to self-stigma, Corrigan and Watson (2002) suggest that group identification and perceived legitimacy of public stigma influence self-stigma.

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is the behavioral component of stigma and occurs when people act on the basis of prejudiced attitudes or beliefs.

Of the other dimensions articulated by Jones and colleagues, course and peril have emerged as important influences on the degree of stigma and its negative behavioral consequences (Jorm & Griffiths, 2008; Keller, 2005; Link et al., 1999).

), agreement (e.g., do they agree with the stereotypes?

), application (e.g., do they apply these stereotypes to themselves?

Concealability refers to the relative apparency of a stigmatizing attribute.

Skin color is often visible, whereas mental illness can often be concealed.

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In this paper, we define constructs that comprise stigma (e.g., attitudes, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination), discuss the harmful effects (e.g., label avoidance, public stigma, self-stigma) and present factors that may influence them (e.g., concealability).