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Stop intimidating boss

This could reveal that your boss isn’t even aware of what they’re doing.You can also ask if you’re falling short; this is a gentle way of clueing your boss in, and could also open the door to important feedback they’ve been hesitant to give you.Here are five things you can do to help guide your boss back to doing their own job, freeing you to do yours. You shouldn’t assume your boss is even aware how involved they are in your job. Ask your boss to share what contribution they expect from you and what they see the scope of your role to be.If their answer aligns with your views, you know they are unaware of their over-involvement.

Regardless of the impetus behind it, your boss’s excessive involvement in your job isn’t a legitimate solution.Let them know that you want to excel in the job, and are troubled they feel the only way to get the work done is for them to do it themselves.Ask your boss to consider offering you feedback and coaching when your work doesn’t meet expectations, rather than jumping in and doing it for you.Whether you report to the CEO or a first-level supervisor, it’s in both of your best interests to thrive in your own jobs, not other people’s.While the notion of confronting your boss may feel intimidating, the results can be more promising than you think.

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He enjoyed the process so much he failed to see how demoralizing it was for her.