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Fortunately or unfortunately, neither of us are gay but we are happy people If you have a smart phone, lookup the app called Love Lator and compare your birthday to his 9.7.64 and you can go from there.

The app is not 100% accurate but the best smart phone app I have found to compare birthdays; if you find a better one, let me know. He also believes in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical compatibility; but surprisingly astrology can help with all of this.

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If he was a woman, I would be interested in him myself.We both think and communicate in detail and we both love to analyze everything.We both know and understand astrology, me more then he; but he is into the metaphysical more then I.I study eastern astrology for psychology and compatibility. As you know, I was looking for astrological compatibility.He is also into Yoga, aromatherapy, alternative health, alternative energy, technology, Nature, Natural living, & Liberty. But, now that I was successful; I am now looking for my friend David-Ray.

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My friend who is astrologically compatible to me is looking for a woman similar to what I was looking for with some variations, he approves of the one I found for myself and they get along like good friends; he and I are very much alike.

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