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After living in the Orient for 7 years my friends and I all agree - dating in Taiwan is great!

There are a lot of benefits that are worth mentioning that you won't find in other parts of Asia.

Most expats who've lived in Taiwan appreciate how friendly the people are.

I personally find Taiwanese to be outgoing and sociable.

Getting a glimpse at the inner-workings of someone who sees the world from a perspective so different than your own is incredibly eye-opening.

Another great thing, while not nearly as deep as what I wrote above, is that dating someone from a different culture is simply fun.

After moving to and living in Taiwan, if you aren’t already married or dating someone, establishing a social life is inevitable.

While there is always the chance that you may end up finding a boyfriend or girlfriend with a similar background as your own, chances are that you will end up in an intercultural relationship.

I need to make one early disclaimer; this is coming from my perspective as a man, so women living in Taiwan may have completely different experiences.There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s great to get all of that frustration out, but sometimes it’s way too easy to focus all of your angst onto your significant other forgetting that they are not the representative for all of Taiwan.It’s beneficial to remember that they too are dealing with the different experience of dating interculturally.I personally find intercultural relationships in Taiwan to be a good thing, so I am going to start on .First and foremost, Taiwanese culture is so vastly different from most if not all western cultures, that dating a Taiwanese person is unlike any other experience you may have ever had.

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Taiwanese are generally very friendly, and most people here like to teach westerners about Taiwan.