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These decisions highlight an increased focus by the Courts in sexual harassment cases on a victim’s loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering and an increase in damages, making it even more important for employers to take proactive steps in the workplace to manage risks of sexual harassment occurring.Are there good reasons for employers to consider a workplace dating policy?

This movement subsequently gained significant media attention at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

In circumstances where one in five people surveyed by the Australian Human Rights Commission reported that they had been sexually harassed within the 5 years immediately prior to the survey In Australia, sexual harassment in the workplace has a recent history of being played out in the Courts and in the media.

Since 2011 cases like Kristy Fraser-Kirk & Mark Mc Innes (CEO of David Jones) (2011), Kate Shea & Kevin Holmes (CFO, Energy Australia) (2013), Amber Harrison & Tim Worner (CEO of Seven West Media) (2017) have been played out in the Courts and in the media.

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Key questions to ask include the following: Australian Courts have already recognised society’s changing views about the detrimental impact of sexual harassment on the individuals by ensuring that compensatory damages awarded to victims of sexual discrimination and harassment are made with reference to prevailing community standards.