The princeples of dating

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The princeples of dating

In dating, people get weird about this because they're afraid of looking needy.In reality, it isn't lame to be secure enough in yourself to say, "We have something good here. So don't let the "wait four days after your date to call" rule stop you from getting back to the prospect. Don't start drawing hearts on your notebook just yet.If you're on your second or third call and haven't talked budget yet, you'll only have yourself to blame when you pour your heart and soul into a proposal only to hear, "Oh. I really wish we could have worked together, but this just won't work.” Ugh, after all we've been through together?!But a relationship-defining talk doesn't mean you're necessarily compatible.

The date-for-fun, no-strings-attached mentality is popular, but it doesn't often lead to long-term commitments.If you did your homework during the discovery phase, you should have a good idea of where your services and your contact's needs meet — but is it mutual?You may be one of many vendors your prospect is swiping right on, so how do you determine whether this is just a hook-up or the prospect is in it for real? Much like the "define the relationship" talk, establishing the budget for your services is like a stamp that reminds everyone that this is official.During the sales process, you're working with a lead when everything is new, she's excited, ambitions are high, and there's nothing you two can't accomplish together. It's your job as a salesperson to set clear, realistic expectations so this relationship moves forward even in a year when your client is out of the honeymoon phase and your client services team is managing the account.Recently, an international lead reached out to me, and due to the substantial time difference, we had a hard time connecting and finally settled on p.m.

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What can this lead expect in one month of working with you? What do you need from your lead to make that happen, and how much will this cost?

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