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The worst office dating mistakes

It’s Monday morning and you’ve missed the calibration meeting.Unfortunately, “the dog ate my homework” doesn’t fly after age five, but you need to save face.People know stuff happens—but your boss likely has a pretty legit BS meter, and there are better ways to offer an explanation for errors, lateness, or disorganization.An explanation requires taking ownership of your shortcomings, whereas an excuse simply passes blame.Repeatedly making mistakes or blunders after your probationary period would be grounds for serious talks with your supervisor.These should be addressed with documentation, solid rationale, and a complete plan for preventing future reoccurrences!You’ll feel better about yourself, and your boss won’t need to micromanage. Lauren is a North Carolina based writer covering career subjects, disability advice, and various lifestyle topics. usually creating killer resumes for other young professionals.

I’ll still have X completed and sent over to you by 3pm.” Taking responsibility is always a better option than assigning blame. Think about it: Not only have you told your boss it hasn’t been done yet, but now you’ve cast your blame onto someone else.

But first, think about what you’re truly saying when you blame the traffic.

Organized professionals consider drive time when planning their morning rituals—this excuse just shows poor planning.

Asking for help is essential for progressing in your career.

In fact, your previous resume and cover letter most likely advertised that you’re a fast learner capable of solving complex problems. Engage your brain and start learning—You Tube tutorials are a beautiful and useful thing. If you’re genuinely unsure how to handle the situation, even after a preliminary internet search, asking a colleague for advice is perfectly acceptable—just make sure you do so before the deadline to show that you’re proactive about solving the problem.

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In reality, congestion is a daily occurrence for everyone, so your morning schedule should accommodate it.