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Turkey dating information

A statement such as, "Contains up to X% retained water" is fine; that's just the result of washing and chilling the bird in cold water during processing.Commodity turkey describes those birds raised by large regional and national producers in high volume using modern agricultural methods, in accordance with USDA guidelines.This is your basic supermarket turkey that is tasty, safe, and inexpensive.Free-range or free-roaming turkeys are produced by a growing number of regional producers that offer their birds as a higher quality, better tasting, and more humane alternative to commodity turkey.The USDA requires that poultry producers prove that the retained water is an unavoidable consequence of the process used to meet food safety requirements and that they list the actual or maximum percentage of retained water on the label.

Some manufacturers inject only the breast meat, while others inject the entire bird.

These turkeys are hand-slaughtered rather than killed by machine, and the carcass is buried in salt for about an hour and rinsed to remove blood and impurities before packaging, in what amounts to a short brining process.

Fully-Cooked Fully-cooked turkey is a whole turkey that has been pre-cooked and frozen by the processor. These turkeys sometimes come in a variety of flavors, like baked, honey-roasted, and smoked.

Natural does not mean "not injected" or "not self-basted" or "not enhanced".

If you're looking for a turkey that has not been injected or enhanced, read the label carefully to make sure salt, natural flavorings, or other ingredients are not listed.

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Natural turkeys may not contain artificial flavorings, coloring ingredients, chemical preservatives, or other synthetic ingredients.