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("Johann Tetzel": Again, it is easy to see how abuses crept in.

Among the good works which might be encouraged by being made the condition of an indulgence, alms giving would naturally hold a conspicuous place, while men would be induced by the same means to contribute to some pious cause such as the building of churches, the endowment of hospitals, or the organization of a crusade.

Scripture talks about the righteousness of Christ being applied to those who repent and follow him, but because of faith, not because of charitable giving.tells us that the only problem with indulgences is that certain clergymen used it for "pecuniary" or monetary gain.Except for these rogue clergymen, the belief that the leftover good works of the saints can be applied to others is regarded as "salutary."So exactly how does the Roman Catholic Church describe indulgences?However, just because a Church authority said that sins could be forgiven in exchange for a pilgrimage doesn't mean that they believed in the doctrine of superabundant merits of the saints.So what we're tracking is the change in the meaning of the word indulgence, and that's much harder to track than just finding out when the word began to be used.

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The idea behind superabundant merits is that Christ and the saints did so many good works that they don't need them all.

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