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Updating intellisense

The red flame icon on the status bar shows and I see "Updating Intellisense..." when I hover the mouse over but the icon doesn't ever seem to go away.

If I #include a non existent header, there is no green squiggle but if I save the file, exit VS Code and reopen, them the green squiggle shows on the header but there is no light bulb showing in the left margin. I've been playing around with settings and disabling/enabling the extension.

If you select an item and type a period, the item appears followed by the period, which brings up another member list.

When you select an item but before you insert it, you get Quick Info for the item.

I recommend getting Visual Assist X to make up for it (it also has a number of other useful features as well). It will hang up, it will parse through files while you are trying to compile code and will generally make VC 2005 sometimes run like a dog.

As a previous poster suggested, disable intellisense (and chose a potential alternative -- I also support VAX).

For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.I have no idea which impact this might have on the Intelli Sense.Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 and all hotfixes which rely on it are I have found that the best fix for Intellisense in VS2005 is to install SP1, and then this hotfix: 947315.In the member list, the icon to the left represents the type of the member, such as namespace, class, function, or variable.For a list of icons, see Class View and Object Browser Icons.

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Supposedly the hotfix and SP1 provided by MS will fix intellisense problems, but not all. You are better off to disable it and rely on something else.

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