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If you do not close down windows all the information is rolled up into what appears to be the day you opened the jabber window.This makes it hard to work out what was said on what day.I don't think it would be reasonable to change that behavior to close and reopen the file each time, it would add non-trivial overhead and complicate the situation by adding more potential error points.So, I guess the appropriate Resolution is "wontfix" rather than "worksforme".

I don't know what causes this (it could be a missing dependency since my install is pretty minimal) and a search didn't provide the answer.

If you’re on Docker or similar deployment methods, just pull the new image (Docker), refresh the snap (Snap installtion) or just use whatever means your deployment method allows for.

In case of manual installations you can just replace the old version with the newer one.

Please also have a look at the installation documentation for your method of deployment to check for paragraphs that refer to the process of updating Rocket. There might be some major changes when we introduce big new features or modifications, you can always take a look on the releases page to see what has been changed, broken or added to Rocket.

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I generally leave the jabber client logged in, and rarely close down windows.

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