Updating video driver for intel graphics extreme Freeiphonevidchat

Posted by / 13-Mar-2020 17:32

Updating video driver for intel graphics extreme

I have been evaluating Windows 10 both in a virtual machine and on a testbed in order to examine the OS in two different scenarios.

One of those testbeds has used both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, and I followed my usual procedure for removing drivers from the OS: Run the driver uninstaller, then reboot into Safe Mode and run the latest version of Display Driver Uninstaller, or DDU.

You can check on the manufacturer website of your laptop to see whether your computer and your operating system support switchable graphics.

What’s puzzling about this is that I’d already run DDU, which means W10 shouldn’t be picking up a GTX 980 in the system at all.

Right now, it’s not at all clear how Windows 10 will handle it when reviewers need to install pre-release drivers from Nvidia or AMD.

If I’m running a private driver that supports Fury Nano or the GTX Super Titan XYZ, the last thing we need is an OS that attempts to install drivers that aren’t actually qualified for the card.

Now that I’ve seen Windows update attempt to install drivers for a GPU that hasn’t been in the system for days and self-report that the process completed successfully, I’m even more dubious that the company will properly detect and select drivers in other scenarios.

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This is doubly true if you’re planning to switch drivers between vendors, whether that’s from integrated Intel to AMD or Nvidia, or between AMD and Nvidia.

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