Who is benzino dating

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U never peeped her driver's license to verify she was who she said she was? I think he did get caught up but come on, dude has 5 kids.....these women are taking some serious chances here. i have a pool & live by the ocean......,if his woman tried to jump in the water and save him (especially with all those drugs in his system) he would have dragged her under the water....,,,and she would have drowned too...........,.,,....

so Zino, you dated this chick, gave her a key to your house and u didn't know how old she was? Anywho, I don't believe that but I do believe everything else that was said in the interview. does on the air is not the same as he is in person.” which was promptly followed with, “Perfect time to breakup! 😉 Y’all know I love me some Benzino–congratulations on your precious bundle of joy!It’s going to down baby Zino is coming into this world today and I’m coming out this f*cked up relationship.” Here’s the screenshot: Of course, we all know a baby can change the way people think, and it’s clear from Zino’s above-posted picture that he’s already head over heels for his son. TELL US – ARE YOU SURPRISED BY THE BREAK-UP DRAMA IN THE DELIVERY ROOM?and Thi-Thi could engage in the requisite amount of drama and hospital selfies, all of which played out over social media.We can always count on you, Thi-Thi posted the below picture to her Instagram of herself ready for Baby Zino’s arrival, while Benzino’s photo shows him heading into the hospital with the caption, “The countdown begins!

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So, this may be one of those situations where both congratulations and condolences are in order, as another reality television baby entered the world while his parents battled back and forth about their relationship status…just as it was in the olden days.