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"I used to go to Ingliston with him and drive my little go kart around," Franchitti recalls.He started racing karts at West of Scotland Kart Club in Larkhall and tested at Knockhill, near Dunfermline, and fairly soon was racing at the British Championship."As a kid you think you can do anything and then as I became a teenager I realised how difficult it was going to be, but I still wanted to do it, so I set my mind to it."I was lucky that I was surrounded by family, friends, wider family who supported me, and got involved with people like David Leslie, senior and junior, and Jackie Stewart.For those outwith the world of motorsport, the risks seem unimaginable, a fact Franchitti is now in a position to admit. If you were doing 250mph, you wanted to be doing 251, you wanted to go faster.The focus is pretty intense." Indeed, the history of motorsport is punctuated by the tragic deaths of its stars.

He suffered two fractured vertebrae, a broken ankle and concussion, the head injury leading to medics warning him never to race again. Some of the bigger crashes I've had I haven't remembered and that has helped me get back into the car." Although he and Judd had announced their divorce by mutual agreement some months earlier, the actress was among the first to his bedside.I always wanted to get home whenever I could." Despite the homesickness it was clearly a successful period and when asked about the high points he cites a win at Surfer's Paradise in Australia in 1999 which took place a year or so after his move Stateside. But there was sadness, too, as the fate of his best friend Greg Moore, a 24-year-old Canadian driver who was caught up in a crash at the California Speedway, illustrates all too painfully."Greg got killed shortly after so I would probably say that would be the highlight I would most like to relive." It was also an exciting time in his personal life as he was only a few months into his relationship with the Hollywood actress Ashley Judd, who appeared in such movies as Heat, Kiss the Girls and Double Jeopardy.Back at his friend's swish Italian restaurant in the Quartermile area, the 41-year-old is sipping tea (still a treat after more than a decade off caffeine due to his strict health regime) and contemplating his motor-racing career, a career which took in three victories in the Indianapolis 500 before ending in a most dramatic fashion just over a year ago. For now, Franchitti is trying, and failing, to think back to a time in his life before he wanted to race professionally."I always wanted to do it," he says in an accent which still sounds Scottish despite his 16 years living in the United States.

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It is only when we stop to take photographs that heads begin swivelling.