Who is ed minton dating

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Who is ed minton dating

Italian and French craftsmen had replicated porcelain only by creating a soft paste porcelain of white clay and ground glass, not the white kaolin clay used by the Chinese.

'Made in England', 'Made in Germany' and so on, denotes a 20th-century date.The Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen as it was known began production in a broad array of shapes, colors and decoration, and in 1719 Augustus brought to the factory top painters and sculptures to create revolutionary new designs and colors for the company.Meissen was unchallenged for supremacy until the mid 1750s by the French royal factory at Sevres, France.In 1710, the necessary ingredient of kaolin clay to make hard paste porcelain was discovered within his territory and used at his new factory in Meissen.The local geography of surrounding mountains could be used to protect the factory and the secrets of porcelain manufacture, and the Elbe river provided ready and inexpensive transportation for raw materials and finished product.

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Use of the words 'Bone China', 'English Bone China', etc., denotes a 20th-century date.

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