Whos dating dylan sprouse

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Whos dating dylan sprouse

And that is all." Cole has recently spoken out about his struggles with mental illness in a sit-down interview with Duan Mackenzie (who is coincidentally enough, a close friend of Dylan's ex, Dayna Frazer).He claims that his interest in photography started from his battle with depression, as a way of coping and finding an outlet for the sadness.Asatru is essentially a dressed up term for modern day heathenry in the United States - it's also known interchangeably as Odinism.Though the movement technically spans the political spectrum, there is a trend to accumulate followers on the political far right - including white supremacists.It seems that Sprouse really committing to the normal guy routine during his undergraduate degree, and seemed to thrive out of the spotlight.

However, despite their wholesome facade, the brothers have undergone some experiences that may put a bit of a stain of their pristine reputation.Hot off the heels of Cole's dating drama, it's clear that his brother has had his own ride on a romantic rollercoaster as of late.It's common knowledge that Dylan Sprouse dated model Dayna Frazer for a whopping three years (pretty impression by both celebrity and early twenties standards).They both shared a love for video games and posed for many an adorable social media picture together.However, the relationship was not destined to last.

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